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Hip Hop Tools is the illest! I ordered my MPD24 on Monday and it was on my door step Wednesday morning! The customer service is A+++. This place is so tight I'll definitely be shopping here again.

John Wayne - Alberta, Canada

Thanks a lot for good service guys! I got my MPC hard drive three days after it was sendt. That's the fastest delivery I have experienced. I'll definitly recomand you to other.

Martin g. s.

I bought the APC40 after weeks of looking for the right vendor (and waiting for my money to be available.) ended up being perfect. Not only is it in Toronto, but the owner is extremely helpful. The free sample packs that come with most of the gear here is a great bonus as well. Lots of high quality samples. I will definitely buy here again (MPC 500 is probably next for me.)

Aaron Goselin - Ontario - Canada

After searching for ages to find a good source of help and products, finding HipHopTools really gave me the break I needed with my music production. Great prices, amazing help and support. An all round happy and helpful atmosphere.

Bob White - Perth - Australia

Thanks my friends at Hip Hop Tools. The customer support is much appreciated. This has been the best purchase of my musical endeavors and career. Thanks for making it so easy. I see you have the 120 gig hard drive. I am interested, can I install myself? I will order it next week. Thanks Hip Hop Tools for being the best at what you do!

Kevin Que - Miami - USA

My son is a beat guy, weíll call him B. He scratches, samples and mixes all kinds of music. Itís actually quite a fascinating art and requires perseverance, talent and a fair bit of expensive equipment. Not the kind that is available at your local Best Buy, but the kind that requires a special sort of retailer, one that is found online. The object of our desire was an Akai MPC1000 drum machine sampler. Now these retail between $900 and $1100 depending on who your talking to, so this is one of these purchases that you hold your breath a bit when you hit the payment button, itís big ticket stuff when dealing with strangers. B did his DD and narrowed it down to an online retailer we found on ebay. Best price, best information and a whole bunch of extras to go with the unit. So we click on to his online store front and purchase the item. Great site, easy to use and informative. The next morning I receive a call on my mobile, Hip Hop Tools pops up on my call display and Iím thinking now what? A man on the other end of the line introduces himself and says heís the owner of Hip Hop Tools and he wants to thank me for my purchase! Imagine that. He then tells me that heís shipping it out tonight and if I have any questions or problems to call him personally and he will look after it. Four days later, thereís a box at my door. A perfectly packaged, brand new MPC1000 has arrived. As B unpacks it he realizes that there is a catalogue of samples that was to be included and was missed. I emailed my friend at HipHopTools and he responds within the day with a link to download the great big file of samples with an offer to send the disk. I wish that I was a beat guy too, because I would love to buy more stuff from these guys, the experience alone in a world so full of attitude and bad service was worth it. Not to mention they deliver the goods at the best price.

Jeff Stathopulos - British Columbia Canada

I was shopping for my MPC 5000 and purchased it at another site. I hate I did because HipHopTools had it cheaper with MORE FREE upgrades. Next time I need anything I will hit them up first. They answer questions for me even though I haven't bought from them yet. But I will be doing so soon. I wish I would a discovered HipHopTools sooner.

Jermi Little - Armed Forces Pacific

Thank you for the fantastic service! Dealing with has been a great experience. My girlfriend had recently purchased an Akai APC40 for my birthday, and it was hand delivered to her workplace in order to have it on time! Customer service like that is hard to find! Thanks again, Nick Menzies

Nick Menzies - Toronto

I couldn't have asked for better service. These guys were a pleasure to deal with and the prices can't be beat. Shipping was timely and the product was just as advertised. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks!

Ryan Everett - Ontario

Fantastic service, overnight delivery, item in perfect condition. Very helpful emails and instruction on software use. Would highly recommend buying from HipHopTools!

Rob Thibert - Ontario, Canada

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HipHopTools shipped my item very quickly, and their customer service was much more than I expected. They answered product questions, helped overall making the ordering process and made me feel confident when spending a lot of money on gear.
Wade Settle - Maine, USA

I couldn't ask for better customer service. I received my shipment pronto & when I accidentally wiped "The Worx" sample pack from my hard drive, HipHopTools sent me a new link within minutes. This is how business should run. Thanks a bundle!

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